Nutrition & FAQs

Freshness Information

Our bars are made from simple, clean ingredients. We have found a way to whip whey into a fluffy protein filling and then we add natural flavorings. They stay tasty for months at room temperature, or you can freeze them.

My Snack Bar Nutrition Facts

All of our bars are coated with dark chocolate from Guittard. 

Ingredients: Dark chocolate coating (chocolate liquor, sugar, cocoa butter, sunflower lecithin, vanilla, vanillin), whey protein isolate, water, maltodextrin, glycerin, erythritol, gelatin, citric acid, natural flavor.

ALLERGY WARNING: Our bars are made with milk products. There is no casein nor lactose in our wheys, so it may not affect all milk allergies. 


Other Nutrition Company products have the following benefits:

  • Made from 100% whey protein isolate, an easily digested, complete protein.
  • Whey Protein Isolate has no lactose nor casein, so many people with milk allergies can eat our bar.
  • No sugar-derived alcohols (such as maltitol, xylitol, isomalt, etc.)
  • No preservatives
  • Low on the glycemic index, making them ideal for diabetics, the health conscious, and aerobic athletes
  • Higher in protein and fiber, per calorie,  than competitive products
  • Only 3 SMART points on the new Weight Watcher's scale

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is your bar vegetarian? Do you have plans to make a vegetarian bar?

No. Vegetarian based gelatin cannot do what we need it to do. We are not researching ways to make it work. 

Do you use sugar alcohols?

We use erythritol, which naturally occurs in the human body and in some fruits. Erythritol is in the same chemical class as sugar alcohols, but it’s not derived from an actual sugar and so therefore it is not in the same food and nutrition category as the real sugar alcohols because the body digests it differently. Sugar alcohols are generally chemicals made from the hydrogenation of sugars. They don't promote tooth decay, but they can cause digestion problems. Erythritol is like a sugar alcohol, but is a shorter molecule (less carbons and oxygens) so the body doesn't digest it. This means it doesn't have calories and doesn't cause any intestinal distress in reasonable concentrations. 

Our inventor has written a blog post to comment specifically on this, click here to read. 

Do you use preservatives?

No, not even salt. Yet it will last for months on the shelf. 

Is your bar gluten free?

Yes. Our fiber is corn based, and corn has no gluten.

Is your bar halal or kosher?

No. We do not use halal or kosher gelatin.

How do you make your bar taste so good while still having so much fiber and protein?

Quality ingredients and a unique way of putting our ingredients together. 

Is your bar vegan? Do you have plans for a vegan bar?

No, sorry. 

Where are your bars sold?

Good Earth, and many other health food stores in Utah.

Could you make a bar with vitamins?

We’re probably not going to. Our bar pairs wonderfully with fruit. However, it should be noted that whey protein is a complete protein, meaning that it provides all the essential amino acids.

Why don’t you use sugar-free coating so that the bar is more diabetic friendly?

The dark chocolate we use is low on sugar, and is the only source of sugar in our bar. There are about 3.25 to 3.5 grams of sugar on each bar. The protein and fiber slow the sugar's digestion, so our bars are more diabetic friendly than other things with 3.5 grams of sugar.

Do you ship internationally?

Not at the moment.

Do you use artificial sweeteners?

We don't anymore. We looked at monk fruit derived sweeteners (siraitia grosvenorii), but they tasted bitter. We have tried stevia based sweeteners and the lingering aftertaste makes them unacceptable to us. We ended up removing the Acesulfame Potassium and Sucralose that was in the bars and haven't noticed much of a difference. The chocolate and erithritol carry the bar to victory just fine.

Will your bar make me add muscle/lose weight/have the body that I want?

No, but it will give you the protein and fiber to help you reach your goal. It will provide a good snack for you, but it won’t transform you without effort from you. 

Is my Snack Bar natural?

Yes, all our ingredients come from plants and animals, none are dug out of the ground.

Most people assume that there’s a definition for ‘natural’ when it comes to food, but there’s not. Each company can basically decide what ‘natural’ means for them. We have tried hard and succeeded in making our bar from ingredients that occur naturally in life.