BIO: Learn more about Luke Tolley

The inventor of the Other Bar, Luke Tolley has an interesting mix of talents, skills, and education that has led him to the invention of The Other Bar and related products.

At a young age, Luke and his brother were asking their mother to make them cookies. She said, "Make them yourself." Instead of this response being a disappointment, Luke and his brother were elated by the idea that if they knew how to make cookies themselves, they could have sweets whenever they wanted. So, Luke's culinary bent began with cookies, but by his teenage years he was making homemade chocolate (from the bean), candies, and elaborate wedding cakes.

By the time Luke should have been a sophomore in high school, he was already in college. The summer after his freshman year in high school he began taking community college courses and when it came time to go back to high school he was too hooked on college classes to return to high school. Luke attended Utah Valley University and eventually transferred to Brigham Young University. By the time he should have graduated high school he was nearly ready to graduate with a bachelors in Electronics. However, at the age of 19 he took a two-year break from school to serve a full-time mission for his church in Rome, Italy. Upon return, Luke found that his wise father had changed his major to Chemistry. While Luke was not a fan of Chemistry, he trusted his father's inspiration and graduated a while later with a dual major in Electronics and Analytical Chemistry. From there, he completed graduate work in separation science, including a Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry and secured a position with Southern Illinois University.

During Luke's years of schooling and tenured professorship he continued to make sweets. But with his knowledge of chemistry, he also became quite skilled in the savory side of cooking as well. This hobby for baking and cooking was well-known to his family, friends, and church associates. Because of his culinary reputation, one of Luke's friends--with an interest in fitness and nutrition--came to him and asked him to come up with a protein bar that actually had a good texture and tasted good. At first, Luke didn't think it was a worthwhile project. Then his friend sent him a box of 30 protein bars that were currently on the market. After tasting them all with his kids, he was very disappointed in the selection. He instantly knew he could do better, especially with the texture.

Luke played with the different characteristics of protein and fiber and he also experimented with several different types of protein and fiber products trying to find the ones that were the most healthy and the most tasty. A delicious taste and texture was his goal. He would settle for nothing less. Over the last several years he finally decided to hone and perfect a recipe that had already wowed family and friends. He tweaked flavorings and tried some variations. Then, at last, it was time. Enter "The Other Bar".

While Luke is a clear phenomenon in the protein and fiber arena, he is a scientist with a much larger footprint. While previously a successful professor at SIU, Carbondale, Luke invented Dynamic IEF (Iso-Electric Focusing) and secured two patents. Using this invention, he is also currently making waves in the scientific world by isolating the protein that triggers regeneration in humans. His incredible knowledge of separation science is also aiding him in overseeing a new and improved Liquid Chromatograhy column that is more efficient and portable.